Bedlams Open Day / LCGB Surgery – Saturday 3rd April 2004

Looked like a bit of a dodgy day weatherwise to be holding any sort of event but hey, what the hell? You’re either a scooterist who rides his scooter all year round or your not 🙂

Anyway, off I go and arrive at Bedlams at 10.30 to see a small group of scooters outside and as I park up it looks a bit quiet.

Inside it was another story though as upon entering there were quite a few milling about including a few haggling with Pete Davies theLCGB registrar.
In fact it was busy enough that there were 4 serving behind the counter.

As the morning progressed it was great to see people from all over, including Luton, St. Ives, the Flitwick Chapter and a few other guys and gals I’ve not seen before.

I think that I speak for both the guys at Bedlams and Pete by saying a big thanks to everyone that came, and a big “you missed a good day” to those that couldn’t make it.