Deckchairs at Dawn 5 – Sunday 12th September 2004

Words by Woody (PX200 aka Milton)
Pics by Timbo (SX200) and Woody

Where can I start?

Me and the significant other left Ampthill at about 5.45am and after a quick fill up at Tesco we headed for Hemel Hempstead. Down the M1 we trundled until just before junction 8 we had a heat seize! [Editor’s Note: Vespa’s eh?] As far as I was concerned turning back was no option so we plodded on.

We got down to Halfords in Apsley in plenty of time, in fact first ones there. Just before 7, Simon on the 210 Vespa arrived, then 4 others and we left about 7.20 proceeding down the A41 into London: a pleasant journey.

After the A41 we picked up the North Circular and proceeded to carve our way through London coming out at East Sheen. We the made our way down the A3 and on to Epsom and guess what? still no rain! When we arrived at epsom there were about 150 scooters and bikes, with more still arriving. Enough time for a drink and bacon roll {rip off merchants £6.80 for 2} and countless smokes it was 9.30 and the moment arrived.

It was awesome; people looking, staring and waving as about 200 plus scooters and bikes left and held everything up. To some it seemed a race as they kept shooting past me. It was magic to be part of it. As we got near to Brighton I thought I’d text Squirrel who said that they were on the train. We regrouped about 10 miles from Brighton.

As we entered Brighton it was magic, what a feeling as i never went to brighton before by scooter the atmosphere was electric! As we went to Madeira Drive the sight was awesome: bikes, scooters, people everywhere. MAGIC, the Pilgrims had arrived!!

We took a wander, had some food, spoke to a few people, walked a bit more, took some pictures, met Squirrel, Mojo and Jamie when they managed to miss a bar, bless ’em.

By this time it was time to head off we found ourselves accompanied by David with new LML until just past Wembley, then we just plodded on the M1 until home.
Some might say a long day, but I say worth it even though I’ve got to get a new exhaust and kit for next year.

Our thanx go out to Tim and Simon and the other lads for the ride down.

This is Woody with a bloody sore arse signing off.