Luton Lambretta Club Mudplug – Sunday 29th February 2004

Well, the weather had been threatening us all with snow and ice all week, but come Sunday Morning on the square, it was looking quite promising after all. At least that’s what Mark was thinking, just look at the smile on Lisa’s face!

Anyway, after the usual meet up it was time to set off to Pulloxhill, with about 6 – 8 of us in tow and looking forward to the mudplug, praying that there would be no rain, and after about 30 – 40 minutes we had arrived at the now familiar pub, with me, Quincy, Stewart, Chalky, Woody, Mark etc all parking up at the edge of the field.

Off we trundled across to the far corner to have a look at the course where Pete Mullinder was doing the walkaround so that people could suss out the course and have a benefit from any tips he could offer.

Everyone had a practice go, except me and a few others. My excuse? Needed a pint, simple really, got to have priorities after all.

The on with the games, so to speak. The next couple of hours were filled with much laughing and cheering as well as goading of those going round the course, I was doing well until the second ditch where I managed to get through and then the scooter died on me, bugger. I did manage to knock a whole minute of my time on the second go though.

Also, I seem to have come 21st out of 22 so for me that’s a plus. If you want to see the list of winners and times then just click here.

There’s very little else to say about the day, other than it was great fun, and a big thanks to Bill, Peter and Paul and anyone else that helped out on the day, it was brilliant!!