The Pilgrims Pre Season Do – 3rd March 2007

Arriving at the Pre Season Do squished in a taxi with 3 others it all looked a bit quiet and it was looking like a bad start as Stuart brought us to the wrong door! The arrival of Big Rob (oh he of the unwilling pancreas) rescued us from early embarrassment and we were in!

‘Twas a bit quiet inside, though to be fair the decks were just being set up and the bar wasn’t open, though we soon put paid to that. Guinnesses (is the plural Guinnii?), and other beers were poured and consumed in short order as the music started up and the crowds gathered. We’d already gotten a good spot at the bar!

Great to see many scooterists from far and wide including club members from The Minorities, The North Herts Scooter Collective, Armed Forces SC and the NLVSC.

As the music took hold the birds went round selling raffle tickets and persuading the punters to part with their hard earned cash through the use of their skills (for skills read the flashing of  ample cleavage and wily smiles). The Pilgrims have always run a raffle at their do’s with the proceeds going to local charitable causes and so it was that proceedings were called to a stop for the raffle but also for those that wanted food. Oh yes, the Pilgrims had even taken care of this with a buffet spread and loads to go round!
With regards to the raffle we’d like to thank everyone that donated prizes but especially mention RR Graphics, Bedlams, Sandy Scooters, Shed Magazine, Scootering Magazine, Strides of Biggleswade and A full list is on our website so don’t feel left out! And the raffle has raised £200 for Keech Cottage Children’s Hospice in Luton, a very worthy cause indeed.

The rest of the night went well with dj’s spinning great tunes, great craic with mates and strangers alike, Donegal Paul “dancing” round the place barefoot like a winklepicker and a lively discussion at the end of the night with a “punch and make up” quickly undertaken.

Finally, can’t forget to mention the winner of Best Pilgrim Member of the year.
A big congratulations to a very embarrassed on the night, Big Rob, who’s done loads for the club in the last 12 months despite other challenges (no, I’m not including the fact he’s Scottish!) Top Man.

Though, it was a close run thing apparantly as running a close second for best “member” was Pete’s Penis!!!!
A great start to the season for the locals with the promise of a brilliant year to come!!