The Pilgrims SC Pre-Season Do – 18th February 2006

aka The “We were too busy for Christmas Tour”

Sandy Village Hall, Sandy

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Well, seeing as we basically forgot about Christmas (for that read: We were all too busy) we thought that we’d give a Pre-Season Bash a go and boy am I glad we did. It was a brilliant night!

People came from far and wide, including several from the PLVSC and six of seven from The Mysterons in Middlesex!

Bill, Chris and Big Rob were all great on the decks, playing a good mix of Northern Soul, Ska, Punk and Modern to which varying members at varying levels of intoxication either danced to admirably or bobbed up and down on the dance floor like so many ducks on the river.

Course as soon as the likes of the Kaiser Chiefs came on it was like so many ducks with a red hot poker up their arse as they suddenly came alive and danced like a group of rampant teenagers who’d just lost their virginity to the best looking girl in school round the back of the bike sheds! Suffice to say, great craic was had by all, ok, perhaps not including Woody who was floored at one point, but he’s a tough lad, is fine, and remembers very little!

Big thanks to all involved it has to be said. Big Rob and Pam as well as the Quincy’s did a sterling job on the CD’s, the hall and the food that was laid on for all.
The Raffle was a great success thanks to Woody and with some help from Big Rob again who managed to auction off a signed poster from The Gift for £50.

All in all, £267 was raised to go towards some equipment for the Neo-Natal Unit at Bedford Hospital to allow some of the premature babies to get home to their parents a little bit earlier. A damned good cause I think you’ll agree.

The only other thing worthy of mention was the Supporting Member Trophy sponsored by Waterless Detailing, a big thanks to Big Steve Mc Garret for this.

All there is to say is that some mad Irish eejit won it, something to do with a website or some such tosh. I’m reliably informed that he still doesn’t see why he won it, but is grateful nonetheless.

Roll on The Pilgrims and Keep On Keeping On!